Lockdown 2021: Daily Printable Activities

Keeping the Boredom at Bay! And mothers Sober and Sane!

Enough Activities to keep them busy for a WHOLE MONTH, if not longer!

PLUS games to play over Zoom and WhatsApp, etc!

Do you need to keep the kids busy and happy whilst also juggling your own responsibilities? Need to save time and money to do it?

Fab activities to keep the little ones active during these very strange times. Thank you so much! -Ivan

The activities have been age appropriate, fun and engaging! We've also done some of the activities on whatsapp with their cousins, something we didn't think of doing before. There is so much content out there, which can be quite daunting, so it's nice to get something both kids to do. Thank you Eloise! - Natasha

The Growth & Grit daily activities are fantastic quality (just like the courses and all the services offered) and speaks directly to what interests the kids and they learn from every activity. 👏🏼 - Annerie

"Thank you so much! ! I love the selection of activities!" - Meagan

I want to help you by saving you time searching for ideas and content so that you can still get on with your own responsibilities. With 37 activities, there is an activity for every day, differentiated to suit ages 5 - 8 or 8 - 11. Kids have loved these activities and I have received countless thank-you messages! Each activity is age appropriate, sometimes covering a bit of Maths and English, but always fun and engaging! If you have more than one child across the two age ranges, these are great as activities are similar, but adapted to suit the kids' ages.

Maths ✓ English ✓ Topic Based activities ✓ Arts and Crafts ✓ Emotional Intelligence ✓

This is a tough time for us all. Try to keep things simple and above all look after your own and your children's mental health.

Meet Eloise

Eloise Grobbelaar
Eloise Grobbelaar

I grew up in South Africa and now live in the UK. I have taught children of all ages and over the last two decades I have also taught children with behavioural and emotional needs. I have always been very interested in behaviour and the supporting neuro-science and psychology.

Through my studies and management roles in these areas, I have learnt that by being proactive and equipping children, there is less need for reacting to unwanted behaviours. More importantly, I have learnt that children want to do well, and just like any other skill, children can develop their emotional intelligence if given the support to do so.

Just as my two children are growing, a deep necessity is growing in me, to not just be a good parent, but to make sure that I'm equipping them to the best of my ability. My hope is for them to become adults who will impact positively on their world. I continue to learn every day!

BSC (Hon), PGCE, UCert ASD, CPDPE, Relax Kids Coach and Certified MHFA

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