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School's out for summer!

Summer is naturally filled with a lot of free time for our kids. And with free time comes the dreaded: "Mum, I'm bored!".

A Summer Bucket List is filled with ideas and activities, perfect for the holidays, whether it's raining or sunny, at home or away. Not only does it help to overcome the boredom that often arises, it also empowers our kids to plan and make their own fun! I love that it provides opportunities for us as families to bond and have fun together, whilst also giving us gentle nudges to spend more time outside!

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Going on a long journey or do you need something handy to keep the kids occupied?

A Backseat Boredom Buster is a MUST!

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Be prepared! Take a Boredom Buster with you to keep them busy, anywhere your children might need something fun and interesting!These Boredom Buster packs will keep boredom at bay and make the holidays even better! They are designed to be fun, but also build confidence, self-awareness, mindfulness and give opportunities to strengthen relationships. Available in ages 5-8 or 8-11.

Meet Eloise

Eloise Grobbelaar
Eloise Grobbelaar

I grew up in South Africa and now live in the UK. I have taught children of all ages and over the last two decades I have also taught children with behavioural and emotional needs. I have always been very interested in behaviour and the supporting neuro-science and psychology.

Through my studies and management roles in these areas, I have learnt that by being proactive and equipping children, there is less need for reacting to unwanted behaviours. More importantly, I have learnt that children want to do well, and just like any other skill, children can develop their emotional intelligence if given the support to do so.

Just as my two children are growing, a deep necessity is growing in me, to not just be a good parent, but to make sure that I'm equipping them to the best of my ability. My hope is for them to become adults who will impact positively on their world. I continue to learn every day!

BSC (Hon), PGCE, UCert ASD, CPDPE, Relax Kids Coach and Certified MHFA

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